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Everything You Need to Know About Live Scan Fingerprinting

If you type your name online, chances are you will find more than ten people that are not you. Thanks to the world’s growing population, terms are not as specific in keeping person-specific data. 

While there can be 10 ‘Jim Halpert’s,’’ every single one of them will have a fingerprint pattern that distinguishes him from the other. This specificity is what livescan fingerprinting leverages.

By simply obtaining fingerprints electronically and storing them, specific data on people are held. Law enforcement or other agencies use this technique to collect statistics and identify an individual whose fingerprint matches one stored in the database.

The purpose of this post is to help anyone who is considering getting a fingerprint background check, which is also called a Live Scan, become more informed about what they can expect.


What Is Live Scan Fingerprinting?

Live Scan fingerprinting, also known as the FBI standard or Universal format for fingerprinting, is a method that allows you to submit your fingerprints electronically.


How Is This Process Done? 

To complete the process and submit your fingerprints electronically, you must first go to an authorized Live Scan site and apply. 

After filling out the application and paying for your service, the person performing the Scan will take your fingerprints and save them digitally. 

They will then take a photo of your photo ID, enter it into their system and take digital copies of both sides of another piece.


What is a Live Scan Fingerprinting & How is it Different from Traditional Fingerprints?

Livescan fingerprinting, also known as electronic fingerprinting or computerized fingerprinting, is a process where fingerprints are scanned digitally. This technology replaced the traditional ink and paper method of recording fingerprints.

When live Scan fingerprinting was introduced, it seemed like a revolutionary technology because traditional fingerprinting was laborious and time-consuming. 

The FBI was one of the agencies that pioneered live scan technology in the 1990s. Livescan is also more accurate than traditional fingerprints because it captures more data points with each Scan.

The only downside to this new technology has been its costs, which can be prohibitive for some law enforcement agencies and businesses.


Benefits of a Live Scan Fingerprint Process in Florida

The process of live Scan fingerprinting is a more accurate and efficient way to obtain fingerprint information from potential employees. It is also more secure as it does not require ink and paper.

This section will discuss the benefits of the Livescan fingerprinting process and how it works.

A live scan fingerprint process can be done in about 10 minutes which is much faster than traditional methods of collecting fingerprints. It can be used in various scenarios, including airports, jails, schools, etc.

 The live scan process does not require ink or paper and instead uses a digital scanner which saves time and money on wasted materials. 

The fingerprints can also be automatically exported to law enforcement agencies and other third parties, making the process much quicker and more accessible for people who need them.

By far, the best benefit of fingerprinting remains that it is very accurate and provides immediate results.


What are the Requirements for Live Scan Fingerprint Services in Florida?

In Florida, Live Scan Fingerprint Services requirements are different from those in other states.

In Florida, a person must have their fingerprints taken on an FDLE approved vendor fingerprint scanner and submit it to the FDLE by mail using the FDLE form BFS-209. This form can be obtained from an authorized vendor or directly from the website of the FDLE.

The person requesting live scan services pays for it and is responsible for ensuring that they have all of their identification documents with them at the time of service. In addition, there is a $25 non-refundable fee to get their fingerprints scanned.


How to Schedule your Appointment with a Livescan Provider in Florida

The first step is to find a Livescan provider in Florida.

It is essential to schedule an appointment with the Livescan provider ahead of time so that you are not wasting your time waiting around for them to open up.

The next step is to bring all of the required documentation when you go to the appointment, and this will help save time and make your visit more efficient.


How Much Does a Livescan Cost and Do I Need Identification?

The cost of a livescan is dependent on the company that you go to, but typically it costs $40.

There are no identification requirements for the process itself.


Final Thoughts

Biometrics are sophisticated, accurate, and secure. For this reason, they remain a form of identification that is here to stay. The benefits listed above are numerous and at your disposal. With all the information in this article, you should have an easier time submitting your print for a live scan and getting in the system.

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