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Things to Consider When Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you or your loved one facing criminal charges? Then you must engage a competent criminal defense attorney to fight for you.

The most important decision you make is hiring the best criminal defense lawyer to help you. In doing so, you must consider various factors. for instance, the lawyer must be licensed to practice criminal law in your state and must have the skills and expertise you need to defend you in court.

Here are the primary factors to consider when hiring a good Clear Lake criminal defense attorney.

  1.   Their Experience

Experience matters. Experienced criminal defense attorneys are known when the cases are weak or strong. Therefore, they know when to fight, when to fight and when to consider a plea bargain.

In your consultation with the potential attorneys, ask them the experience they have:

  •         As lawyers
  •         In criminal defense law
  •         In Clear Lake
  •         Handling similar cases

It’s worth noting that there’ll be no correct answers or minimum requirements, but asking them about their experience will help them to share their results, knowledge, and background. While at it, carefully evaluate how they answer your questions.

  1.   Their Specialty

Most lawyers have never seen the inside of a courtroom defending their client in a criminal case.  And yes, these lawyers are licensed and qualified to appear in court. However, be wary of general practice lawyers with zero experience and who want you to believe that they’re capable of handling your case. Don’t engage them.

Remember, an inexperienced criminal defense attorney may not have sharpened their skills on how to negotiate plea deals or other necessary courtroom skills. You don’t want such lawyers formulating a game plan to save your future. Your attorney should specialize in criminal law and have experience handling the type of charges you’re facing.

  1.   The Attorney’s Reputation

In the service industry, reputation is everything. According to studies, 82% of consumers read testimonials and reviews of a business or service provider before engaging them.

Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is an investment in your future and security. Therefore, take time to consider whether the lawyer you’re engaging is the right one to handle your case.

  1.   The Cost and Affordability

Yes, you want a lawyer who charges a ‘fair and reasonable price for their services. But what does fair and reasonable price entail?

In most cases, you’ll find that new and inexperienced attorneys charge lower legal fees than veteran attorneys. For most people, they’ll go with the cheaper attorneys. But has such a lawyer handled a case similar to yours? Have they ever worked with the judges and prosecutors assigned to your case?

When considering whether you can afford to pay the attorney, it’s important to assess the outcome of the case. And how will the case impact you financially? Yes, the attorney cannot guarantee an outcome for your case. However, they can give an idea of how the case may be resolved.

  1.   Track Record and Reputation

Are you having a meeting with prospective attorneys? Then don’t shy away from asking about their wins and losses. Any good lawyer is not expected to have a record of winning cases, but a record of losing cases may be a sign of incompetence or inexperience. The reputation of the attorneys in the area is important. Therefore, you can ask the attorneys, past clients, about their experience.


Are you considering engaging a criminal defense attorney? Then you’re likely to be in a trying and stressful time of your life. Criminal charges are likely to have life-changing consequences to the defendant if convicted. As such, you must engage a criminal defense attorney to handle your case. 

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