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What are family law issues?

Family law is a legal field where a practitioner can represent clients in family court proceedings and similar situations. Family law practitioners have the capacity to write critical legal documents like court petitions and divorce conditions on behalf of the family, and they basically serve as the legal aidto the family. Every aspect of the law has issues that they specifically deal with, and family law is not an exception. Here are some of the most common family law issues.

  • Parenting Plans

A parenting plan is a written and well laid out plan between divorcing parents, which covers the practical aspects of parenting. The two essential aspects of the parenting plan are child access and child custody. Child access deals with how much contact one parent will have with the child(ren), while they reside with the other parent. Child custody addresses the issues surrounding residence and other significant decisions about the children’s lives and how to care for and raise the children.

  • Spousal Support

A spouse is someone you are married to in a common-law relationship. When legally married couples divorce, there could be a case of spousal support that would require a family law practitioner’s attention. Another word used in place of spousal support is alimony. Spousal support is the financial support given to one’s spouse before or after divorce on a court’s order.

  • Division of Property

In case of a divorce, separation, or death of a partner, an agreement must be reached on how their properties should be divided. The increase in the finances or property during the marriage is put into consideration during the property division. Property division can be done on agreement through a legal draft by the family lawyer or a court decree.

  • Child Custody

In a legal setting, parents take the responsibility of financially supporting their children until they become independent and of age. Child custody is an aspect of family law that deals with the legal definition of that responsibility. It covers the right to make decisions regarding the child, and the right to care and provide for the child. Discussions about child custody usually arise in cases of a divorce, adoption, or death of parent(s).

  • Visitation Rights

Visitation rights are usually part of the conditions agreed to when a divorce is being prepared, and it is often discussed alongside child custody. Visitation right entails the permission granted by a family-court to the non-custodial parent to visit their child or children. In most cases, visitation rights are usually extended to the grand-parents.

Family law is an essential aspect of the law because it addresses many issues that relate to day-to-day family life. If some matters about family law remain unclear to you, you can schedule a consultation with a family lawyer for better understanding.

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