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When To Hire A Car Accident Attorney: A Comprehensive Guide

News of a car accident is devastating. You may be a careful driver; however, you’re not in control of many other factors on the road. When an accident occurs, the victims worry about their wellness, passengers, and inability to continue with their lives before the accident.

One of the ways to reduce the stress that come with a car accident is hiring a Lissner and Lissner group of lawyers. Whereas no law requires an accident victim to hire a lawyer, the benefits of taking are many. A car accident attorney allows you time to recover. They also come with immense knowledge to help you get worthwhile compensation from your insurance provider.

Does hiring a lawyer guarantee success?

A car accident case can be a complicated process. Typically, other motorists are involved and may have an active role in causing the accident. Hiring a car accident attorney improves your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries and damage.  A car accident attorney is a negotiation expert who stops at nothing but a fair hearing and settlement for their client.

Additionally, representing your compensation claim to your insurance provider comes with untold misery. The insurance provider may undervalue your claim or turn down your request. Remember, insurance providers are in business to make the most out of their clients. Therefore, they’re likely to reject paying your settlement because you don’t understand the legal terms used in the insurance documents.

Filing an insurance claim with a provider

A motorist involved in a car accident can file a claim with his insurance provider or other driver’s insurance firm. You can also consider comparative negligence law, which allows sharing a certain percentage of a fault in an accident.

 A different scenario is where the other motorist doesn’t have an insurance cover to cater to your injuries or damages.  Similarly, they can have a partial cover that does not fairly cover your losses.

Filing a personal injury claim

If you think your insurance provider offers a settlement that partially covers your losses, you can file a personal injury suit.  However, you must be sure that you’re within the insurance limitation statutes. If you doubt your situation, call Lissner and Lissner law firm for assistance.

 A personal injury lawsuit is deemed legible if injuries have caused you;

  • economic losses
  • non-economic damage that can be documented by a professional such as a doctor
  • a disability

The motorist should also establish the other driver’s fault in the accident.

Fault for the accident

A motorist who drives under the influence of alcohol is negligent.  Additionally, a driver who causes an accident because they were on-call can contribute to the factors causing the accident.

In these two scenarios, the insurance provider is under no obligation to compensate you for your injuries or losses. However, hiring an experienced car accident lawyer can investigate the other motorist and find evidence to expose them as the fault for the accident.

 What to do after an accident

If you are involved in an accident, do the following:

  1. First, ensure your safety– If you can get out of the car and keep a distance from the accident scene. Some car accidents can lead to fires and explosions, causing harm to the motorist and the vehicle.
  1. Call 911-if you are severely injured, call 911 for emergency medical help and remain calm as you wait for a response to arrive. 
  1. Contact the police- The traffic police provide the accident’s legal documentation. The police investigate the accident scene, examine the wreckage, interrogate witnesses and write a comprehensive report. Their investigations help them determine who is at fault. 
  1. Seek medical attention- a doctor’s report is essential when pursuing insurance compensation. The doctor documents the detailed record of the injuries resulting from the crash. 
  1. Don’t be in a hurry to leave the crime scene- wait for the police arrival and stay until they clear you. Leaving a crime scene without the police consent is not only rude but can incriminate you.
  1. Exchange contacts- ask the other driver to give you their contact address because you need to consult with them later. Take their official name, insurance details, license and other pertinent documents and information.
  1. Notify your insurance provider- It is imperative to call your insurance company immediately the after the accident occurs. Your insurance provider’s responsibility is to call the other motorist if they were at fault for the accident. 
  1. Make an accurate account of the accident– write your personal report about everything that happened before and during the accident. Your personal account of the crash is critical documentation because it helps refresh your memory about the crash. It can also help you if the police or other parties change evidence.  Additionally, organizing all your receipts, records, and other materials help your lawyer build a case.
  1. Take contacts from any witnesses- Approach anyone who may have witnessed the accident happen and request their contacts.
  1. Contact a car accident attorney– call a car accident lawyer and hire them to pursue your case. You can go back to the accident scene and check the area for roadside security cameras. Any record can help your lawyer build a compensation lawsuit with your insurance provider.
  1. Never admit fault- the police, insurance agents and other interested parties may pressure you to accept responsibility for the accident. Accepting fault for the accident can complicate your case and deny you a fair hearing. Consult your lawyer anytime anyone comes asking questions regarding the accident.
  1. Desist from sharing the accident details on social media-discussing your crash on Facebook and other social forums can expose you and weaken your case. Avoid sending comments or pictures from the accident.

Car accidents are prone to happen to anyone, anytime. It is critical to hire an experienced car accident attorney to help you pursue the legal process on your behalf.  Your lawyer becomes your advisor, friend and consultant helping you from the accident scene, through recovery and insurance settlement.

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