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Automation Of Processes In Law Firms – Task Management And Document Production.

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities of digitalization and automation of processes within law firms? Digitize, OK! But what and how?

From the courts to lawyers (and their clients) via the bars, all players in the judiciary and consulting agree that digitalization, software like in Smokeball for example is a major challenge for law firms. It is even on the way to becoming a truism as the assertion is hackneyed all the time by one and the other.

If the consensus is more or less general on the subject, its practical aspect and its impact on the daily life of lawyers can remain distant, even obscure. Digitization has consequences on several aspects of law firms’ activity, and one of them is the automation of the processes by which lawyers deal with their clients’ files. For partners, collaborators, or assistants, automating file processing processes frees them from time-consuming tasks with little added value.

Merging Matrices/Data Files And Customer Area

The task management and document output automation discussed today rely on the example of a redundancy procedure. This procedure, therefore, continues with the management of the tasks strictly speaking by the member or members of the firm who are concerned: collaborator, secretary, or even associate lawyer in small firms.

 A to-do list is usually easily accessible from a homepage, law firm reporting software or a dashboard, where the actions to be performed on today’s date are listed. Generally, we also have access to overdue tasks (the first who has no overdue tasks on his To-Do List throws the first stone at me) and those of the days to come to anticipate; you never know.

For the procedure that interests us, the first task to be accomplished is drafting the letter of invitation to the interview before redundancy. The configuration of the related actions makes it possible to propose the appropriate document model (the convocation letter, therefore, thank you for having followed); it will only remain for the user to indicate the entities concerned and in which folder or sub-folder to store the document once it is finalized.

The document thus generated is immediately available in a word processing software (Microsoft Word, ideally since it is a standard) for checking or corrections. It can then be saved in the previously selected file and sent in the signature of the file manager or others depending on the document validation cycle in force within the firm if it is not the latter who created the document.

All these steps can be repeated depending on the legal procedure and the number of documents required to produce, as the actions and the appropriate document templates have been correctly configured at the right time in the management.

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