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How Should I Respond to an Ohio Fender Bender Accident?

Car accidents are likely to occur at some point in a driver’s life, and however, most drivers don’t have frequent collisions. Due to this, there is a great deal of fear and ambiguity about what will happen next.

Fender benders are collisions that cause modest property damage but no serious injuries. 

You may have to fight for your money, even if you know the other driver was at fault. Get legal help from a qualified Ohio injury attorney and receive the compensation you deserve.

Contact the police

Whenever you’re in an accident, the other motorist will try to avoid filing an insurance claim. Drivers will give you bogus insurance information or blame you for the accident if they don’t have insurance. Although surveillance video can be helpful, you cannot rely on it. Private companies might be tough to recover. These businesses are often more concerned about protecting their products than maintaining order in their parking lots.

If there is a liability issue, you will have proof to present to your insurance company if the police provide you with an accident report.

You cannot rely only on the police

If you are unharmed, begin photographing the damage to your automobile and the other driver’s car. This will help explain how the collision happened and prevent the other driver from making fraudulent claims based on confusing facts. The police are not your defender, even if you are right. They are responsible for accepting the report, double-checking that everyone is okay, and moving the vehicles.

Make sure they make a report but don’t imagine for a second that just because you think you’re right, the cops will agree. Taking images at the site often deters the other driver from filing false claims, giving the insurance company a legal basis to deny blame.

You’ll need photos of the other driver’s vehicle, license plate, insurance details, and driver’s license.

Is medical attention necessary?

Fender benders are rarely known for inflicting catastrophic personal injuries, but they tend to produce minor injuries that can turn into big ones if not handled appropriately. Even in minor collisions, concussions and whiplash are common, and drivers may not realize the full extent of their symptoms for days. As evidence that your injuries were minor, your insurer will use the fact that you avoided medical intervention. So think twice before declining medical treatment.

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