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Prevent a DWI -Four Essential Tips 

DWI is a criminal offense, and being arrested for DWI puts your entire life at stake. When you approach your case without a Rochester DWI lawyer, the chances are that you are going to end up facing severe consequences, jail time, and penalties. 

Sometimes, having fun with your friends and family can welcome cases like DWI. Therefore, if you are sure you will drink during the party, it is essential to plan out things before avoiding DWI charges. Below are a few tips to prevent DWI charges and enjoy your night without getting in trouble. 

  • Avoid driving even if you just drank “one glass.” 

It will help if you and your family select a designated driver to bring you back home. Ensure that no one indulges in drink and drive, irrespective of the quantity. It is always better to stay alert and avoid any possible consequences. 

  • Call a friend or family to help you reach home. 

Often people do not call for help from their family or friends thinking about the drunk or embarrassing moments. However, it is better than walking out of jail with DWI charges. If you are nearby, call your friends or family members to pick you up from the place. 

  • Call a cab or taxi. 

If you are far from where your friends and family can reach, calling a cab or taxi to reach home is the best option. Cab or taxi services will be less expensive than the penalties you pay for DWI charges in Rochester. 

  • Choose public transport. 

Take a bus or shuttle to reach home. You can ask someone to help you find the right bus that drops you at your destination. 

It is better to avoid getting behind the steering wheel after you have been drinking. One of the common mistakes people commit is letting someone else drive their car, which is also drunk. However, doing so can welcome DWI charges against them and cause additional consequences. If there is nothing available, you can always call emergency services to help you find a way out and reach home safely. 

Besides legal consequences, DWI is also a main cause of accidents and injuries, sometimes fatal. In case you face DWI charges in Rochester, ensure to get in touch with a good criminal defense lawyer who can help protect your rights and serve justice. Educating yourself about your rights will further help ease the situation. Your lawyer will work in the best interest and help in minimizing your charges. 

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