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What happens After a Reckless Driving Injury?

Reckless drivers are one of the top dangers on the road. Even though driving in itself comes with various risks, reckless drivers increase the chances of accidents occurring. Accidents involving reckless drivers tend to have more impact hence devastating damages and injuries. 

Unlike an attentive driver who will try to evade the full impact, reckless drivers apply no caution. Given the serious nature of the accidents involving a reckless driver, you need to understand how to go about the whole legal process. 

What is reckless driving?

Reckless driving is the type of driving that is dangerous and can cause harm to other road users, vehicles, or property. 

Some of the cases of reckless driving involve operating the vehicle recklessly, neglecting the vehicle such that it endangers others, changing lines abruptly, and weaving in and out of traffic. Running red lights and stop signs, following too closely behind other vehicles and road rare also careless driving. The other common case is drunk driving. 

You can also be reckless when you loan your driving permit to be used by others, or make false statements when applying for your driver’s permit. 

Every driver has a duty of care for every other road user. The law requires them to ensure safety and avoid any means that can increase the risk of an accident occurring. Failure to observe their duty of care amounts to reckless driving. 

Possible damages following a reckless driving car accident 

A reckless driving accident comes with various damages that you can seek compensation for. One of the most common is medical expenses. You have to seek medical care immediately after the accident. You will incur costs on the medical check-up, transportation, medication, and other routine care following injuries from the accident.  

You can also sue for loss of income if the accident keeps you from going to work. While most jobs pay for the first few months when away sick, you will need compensation when the salary stops. 

The other possible damages are property damage, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment, and punitive damages. 

Do you need a lawyer after a reckless car accident? 

One of the best actions you can take after a reckless driving car accident is to look for a car accident attorney to work with. It is the only way to get the rightful compensation after the accident. 

The attorney will help you assess the damage after the accident. It is possible that you might not have all the details immediately after an accident. You will end up with lower compensation when you decide to settle at this point. Instead, let the attorney assess the full extent of the injuries and damage and develop the rightful compensation. 

The attorney also helps in collecting and presenting evidence. No matter how reckless a driver is, they will never accept liability. The lawyer has the expertise to prove fault. They will collect the necessary evidence and present it whenever needed. 

Deciding the amount to receive for compensation is a complex tussle. The insurance company in most cases is never willing to provide the rightful amounts. By giving you lesser amounts, the company ends up profiting. You need an attorney to help you through the negotiation process. If at all the negotiations fail, the lawyer will still file a lawsuit successfully. 

In conclusion 

Reckless driving accidents are one of the worst car accidents to get involved in. Not that there are any better accidents to opt for. However, the recklessness of the other driver means more impact hence lesser chances of survival. 

You need an experienced attorney to help you through the process following a reckless car accident. Click here to reach the attorney who will ensure your rightful compensation.

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