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Why John Branca Attorney Represents The Famous

Being famous is something many people dream especially those who are driven to pursue creative endeavors. As a musician hard work, practice, and good timing can lead to great success in your career. If everything lines up correctly you can even become a superstar and a well-known worldwide celebrity. One part of musical fame is finding the best attorney for super stars to help you in your life and career. While most people don’t have their own attorney as a celebrity they are essential and here are some reasons why.

Why You Need A Lawyer If You’re Famous

  • To Protect Yourself: everyone has seen news reports and tabloid rumors about a famous person being involved in some lawsuit. Many of these lawsuits would be considered frivolous, however, without proper legal representation they can go on for a long time and have a negative impact on your time and money. By having an attorney you have someone who is skilled in this area and can protect you from the unexpected.
  • Labial and Slander: the press is often unkind to those in the public sphere and depending on your level of fame questionable news coverage can be an issue. While not everything reported is bad or even harmful some parts of the media are focused chiefly on scandal and getting attention through any means necessary. An attorney can help with media incidents that can harm your reputation and by extension your ability to make a living.
  • Financial Planning: one of the advantages of fame is the increased earning potential it brings for you and your family. However, when you have a high amount of assets the challenges of managing your estate and various possessions becomes far more complex. You want to have everything in order not just for your next of kin but also for managing your daily finances.
  • Business Deals: a part of being famous that is easy to overlook is all the associated work fame can involve and those in the creative field (such as music) often have to work with third-party companies for tasks such as website design, social media management, merchandise designs, and more. A skilled attorney can help keep your associated business contracts organized and structured correctly.
  • Contract Negotiations: finally, as a musician signing contracts with agents and record labels is part of the job. The contracts you sign and the associated terms dictate a great deal about your pay, associated perks, and the aspects of your career you have direct control over. Never sign any contract before having your attorney give it a careful and thorough review.

Final Thoughts

Fame like all things has its pros and its cons. Being famous can take you around the world and allow you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform in front of thousands if not millions of fans both at home and abroad. But as with any lifestyle change being famous and the associated changes to your work and financial life require specialized management. Having your own attorney shouldn’t be looked upon as unusual and is a normal part of not only the world-famous but those who work in the entertainment industry.

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